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A DNA profile is basically the unique identification of an individual. The DNA profile of a person is used to identify his/her biological relations.

DNA SOLUTIONS provides you the scope of generating your unique DNA profile based on analysis of various genetic markers. DNA profiling helps in:

  • Storing the permanent identification records of a person.
  • Safeguarding a person’s rightful heirs and ensuring rightful inheritance
  • Determining an individual’s existent or future familial relationships
  • Avoiding expensive exhumations in criminal or legal cases
  • Confirming samples of some previous DNA testing.

People owning large estates or working in highly responsible positions, often opt for DNA Profiling.

DNA SOLUTIONS has a range of profiling systems, which are used on any DNA analysis equipment.

We have developed a DNA profile system to exclusively work with ABI capillary systems, or a multi-reaction non-overlapping PCR system which can be used on single laser analysis equipment (such as a corebett gel-scan) or even sequencing gels.

We also have a developed Y and X chromosome multiplexing systems, specific for forensic applications or relationship analysis.

If you are setting up, or have an existing laboratory and are looking to reduce the costs, DNA SOLUTIONS can offer their profiling systems at very competitive rates to other DNA profiling systems in the market.

For assistance email: dna@dnasolutions.co.uk