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How does a DNA paternity test work?

You can take your own samples at your home, quickly and painlessly and mail the samples to the lab for results or the other option is for us to take your samples for you, witness your ID and have a passport photo of each person for a legally binding DNA test. Click here for a list of all the options and details.

What is in the DNA kit?

Our DNA collection Kit is absolutely free, and mailed at no obligation. It contains instructions and swabs to take the samples, and other useful DNA testing information. (click to order a DNA collection kit).

What type of samples do I need to send?

We can easily work with a variety of biological samples. However, for paternity testing, we recommend a mouth swab, as it is completely reliable and painless. Often we understand that people prefer to test discreetly. We can test a variety of different samples such as a toothbrush, used cotton-bud from the ear, etc. Click for information about discreet samples.

Is mother's consent needed?

No. Paternity tests can be performed with samples from the Father and child only, although a higher accuracy can be obtained by including the mother, due to our testing a very high number of loci (19 or 23 regions of DNA) DNA SOLUTIONS is able to get very high accuracies with only the Father and child.

What is the cost?

Prices depend on the type of test you are taking. Please refer to our Paternity page for paternity prices and to our “Other Relationship Tests” page for prices on other relationship tests (ie. testing two sisters, etc.)

How accurate are the tests?

Our cheapest paternity Test is accurate to a minimum of 99.99%. Other relationship tests (ie. brother to sister tests) may vary between 90% to 99.9%. We guarantee the highest accuracy to cost ratio than any other laboratory, because our lab is able to test 19 or 23 loci (19-23 regions of DNA)

When will I get the results?

Usually it takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Times vary on how busy the laboratory is. We do have express options available for faster turnaround - click to order an express DNA test.

Are the tests confidential?

All clients’ information and DNA test results are strictly confidential. Test results are only issued to the person who signed the sample submission form. A password which you give us, will ensure that whoever calls, is not given any information unless they have this password.